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It all started over 75 years ago with Zenzi Helweg, my mother, who immigrated to America from Bavaria, Germany. To this exciting new world she brought her ambition, vision, talent and her incredible sense of style, to begin what would be the first of many successful Zenzi's Beauty Salons. Unbeknownst to her, her legacy is now worldwide.

The first salon was called Zenzi's Beauty Salon at 608 Fillmore Street in San Francisco. The outside appearance of that salon is still recognizable today. (It is interesting to note that the location of the first salon is just four blocks from our present Hayes Street school.) My mother continued her love for the Beauty business with more salons, always working "behind the chair."

It was a wonderful world to grow up in, and it was inevitable that my mother's enthusiasm and belief in the career she had chosen, would rub off on me.

Seeing the world of fashion and beauty through my mother's eyes, I was inspired to enter this field and also make it my life's work. I salute my mother, for fulfilling her vision and for inspiring me. I thank my husband and children for their support and encouragement in making my ultimate dream become a reality. With loving gratitude, I also thank all our students - past, present and future - for whom we dream!