Salon Services

We mind the beauty of our clients. That’s why we offer a spectrum of cosmetic services and products intended to beautify the individuals who come to us. We have treatment services as well as prevention services. Before and after photos of our clients prove that all our services are effective. You can come to us with a specific service demand. If you are not sure of which service you need, our cosmeticians will help you discover the perfect service for you. Ageing is a problem many people are suffering from. So many other skin and hair disorders also continue to impact people negatively. Most importantly, people need to keep it beautiful in areas of skin, hair and all their body parts. That’s why we are in business. Our services are steered towards fulfilling the needs of our clients. Here are some of the services we offer.

Hair cutting and styling services

For the men, it’s about the haircuts. Ladies demand the best of fashionable hairstyles. We have well-trained cosmeticians to handle every client appropriately and according to their needs. You can rest assured that you will receive custom results that will match your needs. Among the hair cut services we offer include calligraphy cut, special event cut, hair extensions, blow dry and others.

Make up services

Makeup is a necessity for the ladies these days. However, do it wrong and it will be a vice rather than a plus. Our cosmetologists help you discover the perfect makeup that is in the same wavelength with your personality. We all have different personalities. We can help you apply or train you to apply best makeup for the perfect outlook. Services include makeup application, makeup lesson, eye beauty, eyelash treatment, costume makeup, special event makeup etc.

Bridal service

Nobody needs beauty perfection more than a bride. The wedding day is always a special day as it creates the best of memories. You don’t want to remember embarrassments. All you need is the perfect memory you will be proud of through to the twilight ages. We help you plan every detail with perfection. We help you with bridal hair, eyelash extensions and others.

Men service

For the men it’s all about the confidence. With a lovely haircut, you feel great and look sharp. We serve you with expertise and passion leaving no detail untouched for the better. We deliver a hairstyle that matches your personality including custom haircut, camouflage hair color and others at our men’s salon.

As suggested, the list is endless. Other services you can expect from us include salon products, massage therapies etc. contact us in case you require any of these or any other custom service.